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You can now make the most of land investment in Türkiye.. Encomgalaxy

استثمار الأراضي في تركيا

There are many reasons why an investor should consider investing in land in Türkiye, You can invest in a plot of land instead of putting your money in an apartment or a commercial unit. It is known that Turkey has many advantages and development in all aspects, so it is a suitable destination for purchasing a plot of land in one of the Turkish cities that includes vital facilities that guarantee future growth.

We at Encomgalaxy help you own a plot of land in a vital place that you can benefit from as an investment and achieve the best returns by renting it or reselling it at an attractive price.

Why invest in Türkiye?

Encomgalaxy before we go into a long and detailed talk about land investment in Turkey and what offers Of real estate and investment services, Let’s take a look at why you choose to invest in Türkiye?

The attention of investors and businessmen who have large sums of money that they need to invest in the appropriate place that will provide them with a profit within a short period of time has turned their attention, and Turkey was the most suitable destination for this investment because they found distinctive real estate investment opportunities that return high profits to them.

Given the development experienced by lands and real estate in Turkey, this development is due to the support provided by the Turkish government in investment projects in several areas.

In addition, the Turkish government has made it easier for foreign investors to own lands or real estate units and establish investment companies as well. These facilities were a key factor in attracting foreign investors and choosing Türkiye as an investment destination.

How to invest land in Türkiye

Land investment in Türkiye
How to invest land in Türkiye

If you want to invest in Turkey, whether in the field of land or any other field, there are several steps that must be followed and taken into account before starting to invest, These steps are as follows:

  1. Determine the level of risk in order to determine the possible percentage of profit.
  2. Study the status of the investment land market and follow up on its prices and the latest developments.
  3. Conduct a comprehensive feasibility study of the investment project and determine the profit percentage.
  4. The most important step is that you must contact one of the companies specialized in real estate investment in Turkey, and we advise you to deal with Encomgalaxy, which allows you to choose from a variety of lands and properties.

Types of lands in Türkiye

Every foreign investor who arrives in Turkey dreams of achieving the highest percentage of profit and interest from land investment in Turkey, especially when the project is at its beginning, and to obtain the opportunity and a distinctive investment offer to own a piece of land where the price per meter is at its lowest value, as after the completion of the project, the prices double the purchase price. .

Investment lands in Türkiye are divided into two types: They:

1. Agricultural lands

You can benefit from investing in agricultural land in Turkey through the crops you will obtain. Turkey is characterized by fertile soil and heavy rain, especially in the city of Istanbul. This will help you increase the percentage of crops and thus you will get a high profit return with the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship.

2. Residential lands

Residential lands are considered the best profitable investment in the field of real estate investment. The majority of foreign investors prefer to invest in residential lands and build a luxury residential unit, and the profit rate in this type of investment increases.

Especially if it is in one of the vital cities in Turkey such as Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara. Through us, you can find out the prices of apartments in Istanbul.

We at Encomgalaxy help you choose the appropriate investment, whether investing in agricultural or residential lands, according to your budget and needs. We offer you a variety of options that make it easy for you to choose the most appropriate one.

In addition to facilitating the legal procedures for owning land, we will be by your side step by step until you own your investment project and achieve the expected percentage of profit.

Advantages of investing in Türkiye

Real estate investment in Türkiye has become a distinctive destination because it has many advantages, Such as:

  • Türkiye’s strong economy has recently recorded a significant increase.
  • Türkiye has a large number of local and regional markets.
  • Türkiye’s distinctive geographical location helped it increase economic development.
  • Türkiye’s location facilitated access to global markets and the import and export process.
  • Reform, development and improvement processes in investment areas encouraged investors to invest land in Türkiye.
  • The facilities provided by the government to foreign investors to carry out expansion projects and own lands and real estate.
  • The possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship for investors according to specific conditions, in addition to the possibility of obtaining permanent residency and renewing it annually.

What does Encomgalaxy offer in the field of investment in Türkiye?

The success of real estate investment in Turkey, including investment projects, achieving high returns and avoiding loss and risk requires a comprehensive professional study and reliance on a specialized team that provides advice and facilitates the necessary legal procedures, and this is indeed what our company provides.

We help you choose lands that are suitable for establishing an investment project that will provide you with huge profits and be a unique and successful investment opportunity. We also have many suitable and distinctive offers of lands, villas and luxury real estate in all Turkish cities. In addition to that, we sell the best residential apartments with furniture.

This makes us wonder why you, dear customer, should deal with Encomgalaxy, and this is what we will explain to you in the following points:

  • Diverse strategic partnerships. We deal with leading companies in the global and local real estate market, allowing you to provide the best.
  • We have a large team with years of experience in the real estate sector. We guide you to choose the appropriate land that will return you a high future profit rate.
  • We provide you with a choice from a variety of real estate projects, and this type helps you choose the investment that suits your needs.
  • We provide you with specialized and professional real estate consultations so that you can get the most benefit from your investment.

The most important tips when investing in Türkiye

Encomgalaxy offers you several tips that you should consider when taking the step of investing in Turkey that will help you in the success of your project:

the site:

It is one of the most important factors that indicate a unique investment opportunity. You should choose a plot of land that is close to public services and facilities such as hospitals, schools, and public transportation.

Investment returns:

Study the expected investment return. You can use real estate analyzes that help you predict the expected profit rate before making the investment step.

Development of the region:

You should check the future development plans for the area and see any development projects that increase the investment value and return that you will get from investing in the land.

Infrastructure assessment:

For the plot of land, it will undertake any project, whether large or small.

In the end, dear customer, you must deal with a reliable company in the field of real estate, such as Encomgalaxy. You can go to one of our company’s branches and view the special offers that we offer regarding owning lands, villas, and real estate.

Investment Challenge Encomgalaxy Land Advantages

Our company offers distinctive and unique investment lands whose owner can obtain a large percentage of returns after a period and is a successful investment opportunity. The most important features of our investment lands are:

  1. Encomgalaxy’s investment lands are distinguished by their distinctive geographical location, which is located in the middle of luxury projects
  2. This is what foreign businessmen and investors are looking for.
  3. We provide you with agricultural investment lands characterized by fertile land that helps you obtain a large return from agricultural crops.
  4. The prices of a meter of land when purchased are at a low price, and after investing and carrying out the project, the price per meter increases to double, and with this, dear customer, you get the expected profit percentage and have a unique investment opportunity.

Encomgalaxy services in the field of real estate investment in Turkey

This company is one of the best and largest leading real estate investment companies in the world, and the company owns many branches around the world. It is worth noting that we have achieved great success and our company has become famous in most countries of the world in everything related to the real estate market and real estate services, especially real estate in Turkey.

Here are the most prominent services that our company provides to its valued customers:

Properties Management:

We provide you with all the information you need about the investment market in Turkey and residential projects in Istanbul, including real estate sales, purchases, and after-sales services. We have a work team that will be with you step by step until you obtain your investment unit legally.

Legal Services:

Under the supervision of a group of experts and consultants, we help you complete all procedures for owning property or land and submit the necessary official papers.


Our services are not limited to the buying and selling process only, but we help you invest in your unit and obtain the best guaranteed profitable returns.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship:

We help you choose the appropriate real estate opportunity that qualifies you to obtain Turkish citizenship easily.

The most important feature of Encomgalaxy in land investment in Turkey

Our company has many advantages that make it the first and most suitable choice for many foreign investors in Turkey. Türkiye is one of the most attractive places for land investment in the world.

Encomgalaxy provides you with all the advantages that you will get when investing in land in Turkey, What distinguishes the company in this field is:

  1. Encomgalaxy is considered one of the leading companies in the field of distinctive strategic lands. We are keen to choose for you lands that offer the best investment opportunities.
  2. Knowing that we provide you with a choice of agricultural or residential lands, but with high and diverse specifications that are admired by many investors.
  3. We are assisted in this by a group of legal experts and consultants to conduct quality testing and evaluation of the lands.
  4. One of the most important things that distinguishes us is the land exploration strategy, and we rely on several factors, the most important of which is the land location. We try to offer the client a plot of land located in a vital, strategic place that has a distinguished future and is located in the middle of high-end investment sites.
  5. That is why, dear customer, we invite you to invest with us, as we offer you the best investment opportunities in lands characterized by their ideal geographical location and also holding the necessary licenses, whether your choice is agricultural or construction lands.


At Encomgalaxy, we strive to provide the best opportunities for our clients to invest in distinctive lands in Turkey. With us, You will find safety, trust and credibility in dealing with real estate investment. We believe that every investor deserves the best, That’s why we put all our experience and resources into delivering lands that match our clients’ desires and needs.

today, We invite you to be part of our journey towards success and prosperity in real estate investment. Join us now and discover investing in premium lands in Türkiye with Encomgalaxy.

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