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With decades of vast experience, Encomgalaxy prides itself on our highly established reputation contributing to our popularity and success year after year, and country after country, to become one of the most important real estate companies approved in Turkey, and world-wide!

Our company is a pioneer in the ever-expanding world of real estate investment. Our main headquarters is situated in the illustrious Istanbul, Turkey. We continue to have highly skilled agents servicing Russia, North America, Iraq, UAE, Kuwait, and Brazil that have developed relations and partnerships with the best construction and real estate brokerage companies. Through our connections, we have achieved success and a good reputation in everything related to the real estate market, real estate services, and property management. We offer safe and reliable brokerage services in Turkey that will put your mind and needs to ease.

Whether you are looking for commercial or a residential property, or if you are interested in the Turkish real estate market and its news, we can offer you legal advice from an expert….

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