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Achieving return on investment in real estate

تحقيق العائد على الاستثمار في العقارات

What is the return on investment in real estate?

Before we go into a detailed discussion of the topic of our article, it was necessary at the beginning to clarify the concept of return on investment, which represents the amount of profit that an investor achieves from an investment and is calculated as a percentage of the total basic cost of the property.

The return on investment is a fundamental and important thing for the investor to determine the success of real estate investment compared to another property. Recently, real estate investment in Turkey has become one of the best risk-free areas. A carefully selected property cannot lose its value or have a reduced return rate in the future.

How to calculate investment return in Türkiye

The investment return rate is determined according to the type of investment, whether real estate or commercial. The return on the capital increase is calculated annually, and this increase depends on the evaluation, quality and condition of the property that was chosen.

In addition, the location of the property plays a major role in the rate of return and the success of the investment process. The location of the property and the future of the area in which it is located guarantee that its price will rise in the future, as the property’s infrastructure is good and public facilities and services are improved and developed later. This is regarding owning a property.

As for investing in rent, achieving the return on investment is determined based on several elements, which are:

  1. Property location.
  2. Property area.
  3. Type of property, whether residential or commercial.
  4. Property area.
  5. Quality of property.

Knowing that the more the property is in a lively location and area and has investment advantages, the higher the rental value will be, even if it is an ownership property, so its value will increase upon sale.

Achieving return on investment in real estate

Investment real estate consists of two types: residential real estate and commercial real estate, and the investment return for each varies according to:

1. Residential real estate

Residential real estate in Turkey includes villas and apartments, and due to the large demand from foreign investors and tourists, the demand for renting residential real estate increases, and the greater the demand for it, the greater the investment value.

Knowing that real estate investment in Turkey achieves a guaranteed annual return at an attractive rate that depends on the value of the property that is rented according to the terms recorded in the purchase contract, In addition, the value of rents increases annually in major Turkish cities, as do the prices of apartments in Istanbul.

2. Commercial real estate

Commercial real estate in Türkiye includes shops, offices, office apartments, hotels, and restaurants. This investment is considered one of the types of investment that achieves a high return, whether when renting or selling it in the future.

In the recent period, the real estate market has been developed and new real estate types have been introduced, such as hotel apartments designed with high quality designs and comprehensive hotel services, in addition to smart home technology that meets the needs of the resident.

Thus, investors and owners of funds from the VIP business elite have the choice whether to invest in residential or commercial real estate, and in both cases, a distinctive and unique investment return is achieved, whether by sale or rent.

Why should you work with Encomgalaxy?

We are pioneers in discovering unique and upscale real estate opportunities.We are pioneers in discovering unique and upscale real estate opportunities. This is due to our having a team with deep experience and extensive knowledge in the real estate market in Turkey. In addition, we deal with a large group of legal experts who specialize in the details of real estate ownership to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience for our clients.

Encomgalaxy is a leading real estate company in the Turkish market. We have extensive experience in the investment field and provide solutions that suit all real estate needs. We are keen to provide a wide range of residential projects, from luxury apartments to villas and lands.

In addition, the company has strategic partnerships with competent and official authorities and investors on a global level, and this enhances our role in providing unique investment opportunities for clients.

Services provided by Encomgalaxy

With decades of experience, we have achieved great success and a good reputation in the real estate market, real estate services, and real estate consulting. Among the most prominent services we provide to our clients are:

  • Real estate consultations: We provide the best real estate consultations in everything related to the world of real estate in Turkey to help our clients choose the most appropriate real estate opportunity according to their needs and budget.
  • Property Management: We provide you with everything you need in the Turkish real estate market, from buying and selling real estate to after-sales services and paying monthly returns and dues. We have a team of experts who will be with you step by step.
  • Legal services: Under the supervision of experts, consultants and lawyers, we help you complete all the official papers necessary for the sale and study the potential risks in accordance with Turkish laws.
  • Investment: Our services do not stop at completing the sale deal only, but also include the possibility of investing in your property and achieving the best investment returns, whether by renting it or reselling it at high profits.
  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship: We help you choose the appropriate real estate opportunity at the best prices in advanced residential or commercial projects that qualify you to obtain Turkish citizenship.


In the end, in order to achieve a return on investment in real estate, you must choose the appropriate property and investment opportunity that achieves a guaranteed rate of return. Turkey is considered a fertile environment for investment, and many businessmen seek investment opportunities there. We at Encomgalaxy provide you with this opportunity by choosing the real estate unit in luxury residential complexes and projects.

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