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Advantages of buying a property in Türkiye

مميزات شراء عقار في تركيا

For years, Turkey has become the best destination for Arab and foreign businessmen and investors, whether to invest in real estate or buy a property for housing. This is due to the advantages of owning a real estate unit in Turkey amidst stunning scenery and views.

This is not the only thing that encouraged investment in Turkey. But the Turkish government played a major role in providing great support that encouraged and facilitated investors to own their unit with easy terms and procedures. The advantages are not limited to this only, but the investor also gets the advantages of buying a property in Turkey, and this is what we will show you through this report submitted by Encomgalaxy Real Estate Company.

Advantages of buying a property in Türkiye

Advantages of buying a property in Türkiye
Advantages of buying a property in Türkiye

Türkiye has many advantages in different fields and aspects, This is what benefits the investor or anyone who wants to own a property in Turkey.

Here are the 10 most important advantages that investors get when buying a property:

  1. Initially, when you buy a property worth up to $400,000, you are prepared to obtain Turkish citizenship easily, not only for the owner but also for his family.
  2. You can also apply for real estate residency in Turkey, which is a residency period of up to 3 years, renewable.
  3. After obtaining Turkish citizenship, you will obtain a Turkish passport. By possessing this passport, you will obtain countless privileges.
  4. If you buy a property for the purpose of investment, you will get a tremendous investment opportunity and reap high profitable returns.
  5. Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries that has a good climate and stunning views. By owning a property in Turkey, you will enjoy peace of mind and psychological stability.
  6. The cost of living in Turkey is low, as residential projects vary at low prices. The prices of goods and products are reasonable, In addition, public transport buses in Turkey are characterized by their cheap prices. You will not feel that you have a financial burden in any way.
  7. Ease of procedures for owning a property in Turkey, The Turkish government provides support and facilitation of procedures for Arab and foreign investors when purchasing a real estate unit.
  8. The infrastructure in Türkiye is strong and of high quality. It also includes the general facilities and services that the owner needs, In addition to having an advanced transportation network equipped with the latest technology.
  9. Turkey has a highly efficient and organized educational system. You have a good opportunity to study your children in prestigious schools and universities.
  10. A long-term investment opportunity for anyone thinking about owning a property in Turkey, But this advantage depends on your dealing with a reliable real estate company such as Encomgalaxy, which helps you choose the right property in the right place.

Services provided by Encomgalaxy in the field of real estate investment in Turkey

Our company is considered one of the best and largest leading real estate investment companies in the world, and the company owns many branches around the world. It is worth noting that we have achieved great success and our company has become famous in most countries of the world in everything related to the real estate market and real estate services, especially the field of real estate in Turkey. This is due to our distinguished services that we provide, Including:

  • Property Management: We provide you with all the information you need about the investment market in Turkey, including real estate sales, purchases, and after-sales services. We have a work team that will be with you step by step until you obtain your investment unit legally.
  • Legal services: Under the supervision of a group of experts and consultants, we help you complete all procedures for owning property or land and submit the necessary official papers.
  • Investment: Our services are not limited to the buying and selling process only, but we help you invest in your unit and obtain the best guaranteed profitable returns.
  • Obtaining Turkish citizenship: We help you choose the appropriate real estate opportunity that qualifies you to obtain Turkish citizenship easily.

How do you know that it is a unique investment opportunity?

Advantages of buying a property in Türkiye
How do you know that it is a unique investment opportunity?

Encomgalaxy, the leading company in the Turkish real estate market, offers you… A set of tips to know that it is a successful and distinctive investment opportunity, You can get it by owning a property in Turkey, These tips are as follows:

  1. Location: The location must be distinctive and close to public services and facilities such as shops, schools, hospitals, and public transportation. If the area includes all of this, it is considered a good investment opportunity.
  2. Investment returns: You must use real estate analyzes to predict the percentage of profit you will get from this investment. If it is a greater percentage than the amount paid at the time of purchase, then this is a tremendous investment opportunity.
  3. Property evaluation: The condition and quality of the property must be good in addition to its appropriate price.
  4. Development of the area: Verify that the area in which you will own a property has a future of development and planned improvements that increase the value of the property and increase demand for it in the future.
  5. Determine financial goals: Determine your budget and, based on it, choose the appropriate real estate unit. We at Encomgalaxy help you choose the most suitable property and the distinctive investment opportunity through a group of real estate options. We know when the right investment time is and where the appropriate place for investment is.

Why should you deal with Encomgalaxy Real Estate Investment Company?

Encomgalaxy is one of the leading companies in the field of real estate and offers foreign investors high-end and exclusive real estate opportunities, thanks to the great experience that the company possesses in the real estate market in Turkey. This is besides:

  • Strategic partnerships, where we cooperate with leading companies in the global and local real estate market, and this helps us provide the best service and investment opportunity to our customers.
  • The deep experience we possess, we have a large team of real estate consultants. Despite the economic inflation that affects investment, we know when, where and how to invest in the right places.
  • Flexible installments We offer our distinguished customers flexible installment options, providing you with payment of installments over a period ranging from 12 to 60 months.
  • We provide professional real estate consultations to our clients so that we can achieve the maximum benefit from your investment.
  • Innovation and Technology We invest in real estate projects equipped with the latest technology to ensure your comfort.
  • We offer unique and exclusive opportunities for VIP businessmen and provide you with the best of your needs in all possible ways.


Türkiye has all the advantages that make you dream of owning a real estate unit there. Now, with the ease of procedures for purchasing a property in Turkey, you can achieve your dream with us at Encomgalaxy, which provides you with real estate opportunities in multiple shapes and sizes at low prices. In addition to providing real estate close to public services and facilities to improve your lifestyle, with us you will achieve your dream with easy steps and a unique and attractive investment result.

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