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Turkish passport arrangement 2023

The Turkish passport in 2023 is considered one of the strongest passports globally, granting its holder visa-free travel to around 110 countries, making it one of the most effective and comprehensive passports in the field of international travel. The Turkish passport is characterised by its ease of acquisition and reasonable cost, in addition to providing numerous benefits such as access to healthcare, educational, and banking services in several countries.

Turkish local authorities issue passports, and those wishing to obtain a Turkish passport can apply at the local passport office Once the necessary conditions and checks are met, the passports are issued, featuring high quality and reliability.

The Turkish passport undergoes regular updates and incorporates the latest security technologies to ensure the protection and safety of its holders, preventing forgery and illegitimate use. It also offers customer support services and assistance in emergency situations through Turkish embassies and consulates abroad. Thanks to these numerous privileges, the Turkish passport holds a high global ranking, making it unique and distinguished compared to other passports.

Table of Contents

  • Countries Turkish Passport Holders Can Enter Without a Visa
  • Types of Turkish Passports
  • Obtaining a Turkish Passport through Real Estate Investment
  • Required Documents to Obtain a Turkish Passport
  • Apartments for Sale Suitable for Turkish Citizenship

Countries that the Turkish passport can enter without a visa

Turkish passport holders have visa-free access to 110 countries around the world, including:

  • All European Union countries, such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Norway, and others.
  • The United States, Canada, and Mexico in the American continent.
  • Some South American countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay.
  • Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.
  • Several African countries including Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, and South Africa.

The Turkish authorities are continually making efforts to increase the number of countries that their citizens can visit without needing a visa. Therefore, Turkish citizens are advised to regularly check the official website for the latest updates on new countries added to the list. It also emphasises the importance of verifying travel and visa requirements for each country before travelling, as some countries may impose specific conditions for issuing visas.

Types of Turkish Passports

The Red Turkish Passport (General Passport)

  • Issued to Turkish citizens and foreigners who have acquired Turkish citizenship.
  • Features: Considered the primary and most common type of passport. It provides the holder with numerous visa-free or visa-on-arrival travel benefits, depending on the destination country.

The Green Turkish Passport (Special Passport)

  • It is granted to high-ranking professional figures in Türkiye, such as parliamentarians, prominent academics, and senior government employees.
  • Advantages: This passport offers some additional benefits such as the possibility of visa-free travel to some countries and easier travel procedures at airports.

Gray Turkish passport

  • It is issued to employees of Turkish embassies, consulates and envoys on official missions outside Türkiye.
  • Advantages: Its design aims to facilitate official travel and diplomatic missions. While providing some exemptions and facilities in travel procedures.

Black Turkish Passport (Diplomatic Passport)

  • It is awarded to government dignitaries and diplomats.
  • Advantages: It provides multiple diplomatic benefits, such as exemption from entry visas in many countries and special facilities when crossing borders and at airports. It is considered an important international identity document and is issued by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Obtaining a Turkish passport through real estate investment

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment is an attractive option due to its speed, ease, and reasonable cost compared to other methods. This option allows investors to live or invest in real estate in Turkey. Even if the primary goal is to obtain citizenship. Investors can achieve profitable returns during the period they hold the property, With the possibility of keeping it for more than three years without legal restrictions. Türkiye is characterized by relatively low real estate fees and taxes compared to European countries. The Turkish real estate market is competitive thanks to the strength of local and international construction companies. Turkish government laws and facilities, Including granting citizenship through real estate ownership, Increased market attractiveness. To obtain citizenship, You must purchase a property with a value of no less than 400 thousand dollars،Not selling it for three years, transferring its value through the Central Bank of Turkey, ensuring that the property is sold for the first time for this purpose and that the property owner is of Turkish origin. Financial transactions must be via bank transfers, and cash payment for the property is preferred unless it is the first payment Exceeds $400,000.

Documents required to obtain a Turkish passport

To apply for Turkish citizenship, It requires several documents and documents, Of which:

  • A valid passport for the applicant and his family members.
  • Copies of passports of the applicant, his wife, and his children under the age of 18, With its translation into Turkish and its authentication from Notre Turkey.
  • Proof of nationality document for foreigners whose passports do not clearly show their nationality, Such as Yemeni nationality, for example, It can be obtained from their country’s embassy in Turkey or from the civil registry in their country of origin with official authentication.
  • The family booklet translated into Turkish and certified by Notary Turkey. Or a marriage certificate or an officially certified family statement.
  • Personal photos of the applicant and his family members.
  • Written consent from the wife regarding granting her and her children Turkish citizenship or not agreeing to that.

Apartments for sale suitable for Turkish citizenship

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