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Types of investment in Turkey

شارع الاستقلال " أبرز معالم إسطنبول "

Foreign investors in general, and Arab investors in particular, accept investment in Turkey, due to several factors that help in the success of investments in this country, especially the size and diversity of markets. On the other hand, the most preferred investments for capital development or preservation are primarily real estate investments.

Why invest in Turkey?

Investors are always looking for certain conditions or characteristics of the country in which they want to start their investments, as these conditions relate to a group of legal, economic, and societal aspects, and they have found in Turkey what meets their aspirations, due to the presence of the following features

  • the market is vast and flexible with new ideas and investments.
  • A huge population, especially in Istanbul
  • Government support and encouragement for investors to attract more of them to stimulate the economy.
  • Diversity of traditional and innovative investment fields
  • Millions of foreigners flock to Turkey for tourism or stability
  • the cultural diversity that exists in the city among citizens and foreigners of all races.
  • The security and political stability in Turkey.
  • The high rate of trust for international companies and brands in Turkey
  • Turkey’s strategic location, thus facilitating international trade operations.

Types of investment in Turkey

  • real estate investment

It comes at the forefront of investments with guaranteed profits, with high rates that sometimes reach 150%, especially in big cities, for several reasons.

The increasing demand for foreign ownership in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular.

The wide urban renaissance in Turkey.

Diversity of residential projects in addition to their outstanding quality

Investors’ knowledge of the extent of profits achieved through real estate investment

On the other hand, real estate investment is one of the broadest investment activities, as many investments can be started in real estate, for example

Buying apartments, re-finishing them and then selling them with abundant profits

Renting furnished apartments to tourists, where the daily rent sometimes reaches $200 or more.

Investing in industrial, commercial, or tourist real estate

Buying real estate and then reselling it after a medium or long term, and making profits through that

  • Tourism investment

It comes second after real estate investment, and it is witnessing a broad activity by the Arab community in Turkey, where many Arab investors tended to invest in tourist areas, especially restaurants, but tourism investment is not limited to that, as the investor can start his project in many aspects related to In the tourism sector, for example

Tourist transport


Tourist resorts

Tourism companies

  • commercial investment

Investment in the commercial sector is divided into two parts according to the target audience of the trade, as local general commerce is active in addition to international commerce, and several factors have helped the increase of companies and commercial establishments in Turkey, including

Huge local market

Turkish goods licenses compared to their European counterparts

Turkey’s location is in the middle of the world and thus facilitates the movement of international trade

The possibility of success in the local market by targeting specific segments or communities with commercial activity, such as Arabs

  • Investment in the services sector

It includes three types of services, namely

Legal services

Legal services companies provide assistance to those wishing to obtain residence permits or authenticate papers and translate them for foreigners, in addition to conducting transactions in government departments

Health services

Where investors accept the opening of private health centers, especially after the increase in the Arab community in Turkey, in addition to hair transplantation and dental care centers, where medical tourism has achieved high rates of turnout from all over the world.

Educational services

Turkish laws set strict rules for the opening of foreign universities on its territory, but they allow the opening of international or Arab schools easily, as there are more than one hundred and fifty foreign schools in Istanbul alone, in addition to children’s education centers, vocational education centers, and others.

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