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Mecidiyekoy District

شارع الاستقلال " أبرز معالم إسطنبول "

It may be forgotten by many that the Mecidiyekoy area is one of the most vital areas in Istanbul, in all residential, commercial, and investment aspects, in addition to the important tourism aspect for everyone who wants to settle or invest in Mecidiyekoy, and in the following article, we will provide the most important information required to start a new life in this area.

Reason of naming

The name of the Mecidiyekoy area in Arabic means “Abdul Majid Village” in relation to the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Majid, as he allowed a group of immigrants from the Balkans to reside there, and therefore it’s named after him.

Mecidiyekoy district location

Mecidiyekoy is located in the European section of Istanbul. It also belongs administratively to the municipality of Sisli. It is surrounded by many important and vital areas in Istanbul, such as Levent and Zengerli Koyu. It is also adjacent to the Osman Bey and Besiktas regions, which includes the diplomatic district in Istanbul, as there are consulates of several countries.

Five features of Mecidiyekoy

  1. Location and date

Mecidiyekoy’s mediation of the European section of Istanbul made it a center for all important economic and tourism activities and events, and the region’s long history and long history made it combine the nobility of the past and the modernity of the present in a unique and distinctive mixture.

On the other hand, the privileged location contributed to making it a center for the launch of public transportation that goes to all areas of the city, the most important of which, for example, are not limited to:

2. Metrobus

3. Train lines

4. Municipal buses


major investments

There are many giant commercial centers located in the Mecidiyekoy area, the most important of which is Cevahir Mall, which is the largest mall in Istanbul, in addition to the presence of the Trump Tower of former US President Donald Trump.

In addition, the region is a unique environment for investment in various fields, especially the commercial and real estate fields.

Premium services

It is natural, in light of the conditions that surround the region, and especially that it is a destination for tourists who visit the city, that the services therein are distinguished, of a luxurious nature, and in all aspects of health, education, and entertainment, and among these facilities in or near the region, for example

Memorial Hospital

Bilgi University

global brands

As Mecidiyekoy markets are a destination for everyone who loves international brands and big names in the world of clothes, accessories, or other things.

We mention, for example, the most famous major brands in Mecidiyekoy



LC Waikiki

Three in One area

This is because it combines three important aspects that can be achieved in it, which are housing, investment, and tourism

Where every person finds what he needs in the Mecidiyekoy area, whoever is looking for an investment opportunity will find many investment projects in various fields, especially general trade or real estate investment.

Also, those who want to live and settle in it will find many apartments, especially the luxurious ones, as it is considered the first destination for major political, artistic, and economic figures.

As for those who come to Istanbul for the purpose of tourism, they will find the most suitable place that contains many ancient cultural monuments and modern tourist centers.

In conclusion, this area and other areas of Istanbul may be strange to you, but the Encomgalaxy team will make it very easy for you to reach your goal.

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