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Residential projects in Istanbul

Residential projects in Istanbul

If you want to live and settle in Istanbul, you must know the most important residential projects in Istanbul, whether they are ready or under construction, as viewing them helps you choose the most appropriate and cheapest property for you, and of course, you will find in the following lines a lot of important information about the projects Real estate in Istanbul in general.

Features of residential projects in Istanbul


This is the most important feature that distinguishes all residential projects in Istanbul in general, as the government requires construction companies to strengthen buildings so that they resist natural factors.

Modern designs

The residential projects constitute artistic paintings in every sense of the word, whether in the exterior designs or the interior finishes of the apartments.


It is divided into basic services such as security, protection, parking, cleaning, etc., and recreational services, which include swimming pools, playgrounds, gyms, children’s play areas, bathrooms, and sauna rooms. In addition, some projects include huge commercial markets that meet the needs of the population in all respects.


Where the one who wants to live in Istanbul finds all the shapes and styles that suit him, and this diversity includes prices and styles in addition to the locations.

The most important residential projects in Istanbul

Wested Beylikduzu

It is one of the most luxurious residential projects in Istanbul, where residents find the highest levels of sophistication, in addition to the royal services that are provided to all family members.

On the other hand, this project is surrounded by many distinguished service facilities such as Marmara Park Mall and Torium Mall, in addition to government and private hospitals, and it mediates the area between the Sea of ​​Marmara and the vital E5 road.

Refrance projects

Four projects for the same construction company, as they are distributed in several regions, including, for example, Beylikduzu, Bahçeşehir, and Bakirkoy, as these projects combine common features, the most important of which are but also not limited to:

Distinctive modern designs

Diverse and high-end services

contain commercial markets

Its proximity to the vital centers of the city

The beauty of gardens and water bodies.

Bahceli Evlar NEF Project

This project is located in the middle of the European section of Istanbul, and it occupies one of the most vibrant areas in Istanbul.

In addition, what most distinguishes this project is its proximity to the most important service institutions in the city

Ataturk Airport and World Trade Center 5 km

Kultur University 4 km

Bahcelievler Hospital 2.9 km

Medical Hospital 875 meters

Along with many other universities and hospitals such as Yeni Yuzel and Yildiz Technical University.

Hilal Konaklari Project

It is classified among the largest projects in Istanbul, as it consists of 14 distinct buildings, in addition to a very large green area.

On the other hand, the apartments in this project are designed according to the latest modern architectural styles, and their styles are varied to suit all tastes.

How do I choose my apartment among the residential projects in Istanbul?

In light of this wide variety of residential projects, you certainly will not be able to find the best option on your own, so the EncomGalaxy team was.

Where, during one session, they inform you about all the housing projects in Istanbul, and they also give you the advice to choose the one that best suits your circumstances and meets your aspirations.

In the end, you will find that obtaining a distinctive apartment at an affordable price will not be impossible with the presence of the expert real estate consultant.





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