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Life in Istanbul, “Health Sector

Life in Istanbul, "Health Sector

During the largest health crisis faced by mankind in the twenty-first century, Turkey proved the superiority of its health sector over many developed or classified countries among the major in the world, as its hospitals accommodated all patients, and it did not have to build field hospitals. On the other hand, there is one of the biggest Hospitals at the European level in Istanbul.
Turkey’s electronic health system
Through a smart electronic system approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health, citizens and residents who hold a (TC) number can follow up on their health status, in addition to all medical analyzes with lists of examinations and medicines prescribed by the doctor in all parts of Turkey, as this system is unified in all states, and it can also be followed through the (e nabiz) application on the mobile phone
How do I book an appointment at a hospital in Istanbul?
The appointment can be booked through one of two methods, the first by calling 182 and following the instructions of the automated answering machine, and the second, which is easier, is through an electronic application (MHRS), through which the required hospital is specified in addition to the doctor and the type of examination required.
Family doctor
Each neighborhood of any city in Turkey follows a health center, where there is a family doctor for every family in the neighborhood, but at the beginning, it is necessary to register in the health center located in the neighborhood, and through the family doctor it is possible to benefit from the following services
• Examination when sick, in addition to the health follow-up of family members
• Vaccination of children according to a specific system for each child
• Obtaining medical reports that are sometimes requested by official authorities or others.
Government hospitals in Istanbul
There is no area in Istanbul that does not have one or more government hospitals, and these hospitals have a good level of services and varying capacity, and through these lines, we will learn about the most important government hospitals in Istanbul
Medical City (Cham and Sakura in Basaksehir)
It is the largest medical city in Europe as a whole, and it is also one of the 20 medical cities in Turkey, and here is the most important information about it
1- The Medical City includes eight subsidiary hospitals
2- It receives more than 35 thousand patients daily
3- It includes 2,682 beds, in addition to 725 clinics, and 90 operating rooms.
4- It contributes an important part to the medical tourism sector.
“Sultan Suleiman the magnificent” Hospital
It is one of the most important and largest research hospitals in the city, and it is also the oldest and most famous, as it was built seventy years ago, specifically in the year 1952 AD, and the hospital includes 800 beds in addition to 12 operating rooms and 16 delivery rooms.
It also includes the following sections
• Obstetrics and Gynecology
• Department of Internal Medicine and Internal Medicine
• Diseases of the heart in addition to the respiratory system
• Nerves
In addition to other important departments such as eye diseases, plastic surgery, and endoscopy
Haseki Governmental Hospital
It is located in the center of European Istanbul in the Fatih district, and it is also one of the largest hospitals in the city, as it provides services to thousands of citizens and foreigners daily, and it’s classified with research hospitals in the city.
The status of a research hospital also means that the hospital is equipped to receive difficult or unique cases that cannot be treated in other hospitals, in addition to the presence of large laboratories with great capabilities.
On the other hand, the hospital includes most of the most important medical specialties
• Diseases of the heart and thoracic cage
•Internal diseases
• Bones and nerves
Private hospitals in Istanbul
NP hospital Istanbul
It is one of the most important and leading specialized hospitals in Turkey, which deals with diseases of the brain and mental health, and it also obtained the accreditation of the Joint Commission International (JCS), which is one of the oldest medical accreditations, in addition to being one of only 3 hospitals outside the United States that obtains this accreditation.
Private university hospitals
Some private universities in Istanbul have their own hospitals, which provide excellent and distinguished services in the most important specialties.
One of the most important of these hospitals, for example
Koc University Hospital
Kahn University Specialized Hospital

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