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Real estate investment “its distinctive areas in Istanbul”

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Real estate investment “its distinctive areas in Istanbul”

Learn about the best areas of Istanbul for real estate investment, in which thousands of investors have achieved their goals in successful investments with distinct profit returns, as the vast areas of Istanbul allow every investor to start, but some important areas have contributed to the almost certain success of real estate investment.

Advantages of real estate investment in Turkey

Investors who choose the real estate sector in Turkey achieve many advantages at all levels, for example

  • Get stability and comfort in addition to calm and serenity
  • Enjoying the beauty of the country, especially in Istanbul
  • Achieving excellent profits in short or medium periods
  • Finding new ideas to start other investment projects that generate a lot of profits.
  • Obtaining real estate residence or Turkish citizenship according to certain conditions

The best areas of Istanbul for real estate investment

The city of Istanbul is one of the largest cities in the world, and the speed of development and urban advancement in it is great, as the visitor feels that most of the city’s neighborhoods constitute the center of the town with its services in addition to its commercial importance. As a result, real estate investments have achieved remarkable success, especially in the past few years. We can also mention the most active areas in real estate investments, along with their advantages, in the following lines

First, Kadikoy

This area is located on the Asian side of the city, and it is full of many important residential projects at the city level, and on the other hand, the prices of apartments in it reach one million dollars or more, and its most prominent features

Its proximity to the European side

Easy access to it through transportation networks, especially the metro

Secondly, Beylikduzu

It is classified among the first areas for investment, commercial and other activities, and it also forms a distinctive mixture between the tranquility of the countryside and the hustle and bustle of the city, and it is characterized by many features that made it a first destination for thousands of foreign investors, and among these features, for example

Its long and distinctive view of the Marmara Sea

Many residential projects suit everyone

The distinctive economic activity of the region

Third – Basaksehir

The largest region on the European side of Istanbul, it is one of the most desirable areas for Arab investors, and in addition to that it has become a global destination for treatment and medical tourism, and one of the most important features of it

It’s modern urban planning, in addition to its wide streets

The presence of the largest medical cities in the European continent

Continuous development and accelerated renaissance

Fourth, Attaşehir

This region has become the place that contains the most luxurious and high-quality residential projects. On the other hand, the high quality of its residential projects opens up wide horizons for diversified and profitable investments for investors.

The reasons for the prosperity of the real estate market in Turkey

Turkish real estate began to flourish during the last ten years for many reasons related to several political and economic aspects, in addition to various other reasons

  • The civilizational renaissance witnessed by Turkey in general
  • Turkey’s increasing openness to the world and the Arab countries in particular
  • Millions of tourists flock to Turkey annually, with many wanting to settle there.
  • Unrest in Turkey’s neighboring countries, especially in Syria and Iraq
  • The distinctive quality of Turkish apartments
  • Availability of all comfort and security requirements for stability and living
  • The desire of many nationalities to settle in Turkey.
  • The positive repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian war on Turkish real estate through increased demand.


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