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Residence in Turkey

شارع الاستقلال " أبرز معالم إسطنبول "


Many of those coming to Turkey with the aim of staying for long periods are not familiar with the types of residence permits in Turkey, in addition to the procedures for obtaining residence, as the types of residence differ according to the duration or purpose of residence. for example, the residency for a medical tourist is different than the residency for a real estate owner, the same goes for Students or tourists, and others… Therefore, we have included in this article everything you need to know about residency in Turkey

Types of residence in Turkey

First, short-term residence

This type of residency includes several purposes for residency, such as residency for tourism in Turkey, or treatment, scientific missions, or for commercial purposes. Some important points related to this type of residency must also be noted.

  • If the purpose of the residence is tourism in Turkey, a tourism plan must be presented in addition to housing information, and the date and duration of stay
  • The real estate residence permit requires that the property be used for housing, and its value must exceed $75,000.
  • If the foreigner wants to request residency for treatment, he must present an acceptance letter from the hospital. He is also exempted from paying health insurance if he proves that all treatment costs have been paid.
  • A student has the right to obtain residency after graduating if he wants to reside in Turkey, but it is granted to him only once for a period not exceeding one year.
  • The duration of the short-term residency is two years, but it can be renewed or extended.
  • Short-term residency is revoked if it is proven to be used for a purpose other than the one for which it was granted.

Secondly, the residence of the family

This residency is granted to these categories

1- The foreigner’s wife

2- His non-adult child or his wife’s non-adult foreign child

3- The foreign child related to him or his mother

Attention should also be paid to some matters related to family residency, as knowledge of them is essential in their procedures

  • If the husband has more than one wife, then the family residency is given to one wife only, and as for the children, it is given to all of them regardless of the number of their mothers.
  • If the children’s father or mother is outside Turkey, their consent must be obtained before residency is granted to them

Third, the residence of the student

This residency is granted to students in the following stages

  • Students in the primary, preparatory, and secondary stages if they do not have a family residency.
  • Students with a family residence permit if they are over the age of 18.
  • High school students.

On the other hand, a student at the undergraduate level or beyond has the right to apply for a family residence permit for his wife and children as the sponsor of the family. Still, it does not give him the right to request a residence permit for his other relatives.

Can a student residence holder work in Turkey?

Turkish law allows the holder of a student residence permit to obtain a work permit, but only after completing the first academic year.

Fourth, long-term residence

A long-term residence permit is granted to a limited category of foreigners according to certain conditions, which are as follows

  • That the foreigner has resided in Turkey for a minimum of 8 years.
  • That these years be uninterrupted.
  • The foreigner did not receive social assistance during the last three years.
  • Having sufficient income for him and his family regularly.
  • Not pose a threat to public security or Turkish society.

A long-term residence permit is granted for unlimited periods. On the other hand, the holder of this type of residence enjoys all the rights of a Turkish citizen, with some exceptions, such as:

  • Election or candidacy
  • Entering government or official jobs
  • Exemption from military service

On the other hand, long-term residency can be canceled if the resident poses a threat to public security in the country, or if the holder resides outside Turkey for a year or more if there is no reason such as military service, study, or treatment.

In conclusion, the most important thing that should be noted is the necessity of obtaining residency and not neglecting the matter, especially with the presence of a distinguished advisory team in EncomGalaxy that assists you in all legal procedures in Turkey.

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